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Edina Public School District

Thinking of relocating to one the top suburbs in the Minneapolis area? When you're picking a place to put down your roots, you might want to consider choosing Edina for its highly-rated public schools. The Edina Public School District truly makes the grade—in fact, even gave it a coveted A+ rating.

Looking for more info? Here's your all-in-one guide to schools in Edina, whether you're considering public, private, or alternative options.





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Discover the Edina Public School District

The Edina Public School District has a rich history dating all the way back to 1859. Throughout the centuries, the district has maintained a straightforward goal: to provide children with the best possible education to prepare them for the future and beyond. It's safe to say they're doing quite well, too! Around 80% of all students scored at or above proficiency in math and reading, and their average graduation rate of 96% is significantly higher than the national average of 84.6%.

If you're relocating to the Edina area with kids, it's important to do some research on the public school options available. Edina Public Schools offers a huge variety of programs, courses, and activities, so there's certainly something to meet every student's unique needs and learning styles.

The Edina Public School District at a Glance











Academic Programs & Activities

Career & Technical Education

Students are prepared for life after high school with direct, hands-on learning experiences that encourage responsible career choices and advanced education. Many Edina students score highly on their SAT and ACT tests, while many choose to pursue technical education or trades. In fact, Edina High School even offers flex blocks within their schedule, which provides unique seminars to students every week.

Academic or Intellectually Gifted

Designed to challenge students to their fullest abilities, thereby allowing them to reach their highest potential, gifted and talented programs are for students who perform at high levels of accomplishment compared to others their age. Edina's schools offer countless accelerated programs, including many Advanced Placement classes and enrichment opportunities.

After School Activities

Looking for a music program that's been recognized by the Grammy Foundation? What about a nationally-renowned athletics program? Your children won't be bored when they attend Edina's stellar schools—the district's passion for learning truly extends into its after school activities, too. Here, students may participate in a variety of sports, such as football, tennis, swimming, soccer, skiing, and hockey. Other programs include policy debate, robotics, and musical theater.

Private and Alternative Schools

Not all students fit into the same mold—everyone learns differently, and you'll find plenty of options to choose from in Edina. The area has plenty of top-rated private and alternative schools to choose from, all of which suit different children's needs.

Want to learn more about the area's top-rated private schools? Edina is home to 7 private schools, but this suburb's proximity to Minneapolis opens up plenty of additional choices. Be sure to check out Chesterton Academy, which is one of the best private high schools in the state. Other options include Calvin Christian School and Step by Step Montessori Schools.

Prairie Care Edina offers K-12 students a unique learning environment for those who don't thrive in a traditional setting. Edina High School also offers an alternative plan of study for students who need a bit more help.

Full List of Schools

Wondering which schools your child can attend? Here's a full list of options. For zoning information, please give the Edina Public School District a call.

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