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The Minneapolis Home Selling Process

Selling real estate is a multi-step process. In the months before closing, you must make your home ready for showings, understand the Minneapolis real estate market, identify your home selling goals, have your home appraised and inspected, fill out seemingly hundreds of pages of paperwork, and complete countless other tasks. During the often-complex of selling your home, it's important to have a real estate professional on your side.

To help you prepare to sell your Minneapolis home, we have created a basic outline of the home selling process. If you want to learn more about selling a home, contact us. We are available to answer any of your questions.

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Step 1: Determine Your Home Selling Timeline

Are you relocating to another city and need to sell your home by a specific date? Are you planning to use the proceeds from your home sale to purchase another home? Identify your home selling goals, including your timeline for selling, and start searching for a real estate agent who can best help you meet these goals. 

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Step 2: Choose a Minneapolis Real Estate Agent

Home selling can easily become overwhelming, especially if you decide to sell your home yourself. A real estate agent is an invaluable resource during the home selling process. He or she will help you understand the real estate market, determine a competitive listing price for your home, and negotiate on your behalf. Interview a few real estate agents — asking questions about their recent sales, reviews from past clients, knowledge of your neighborhood, and background in real estate — before you determine which one you want to work with.

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Step 3: Understand Your Neighborhood's Market

The property values and demand for homes are not the same across all cities in the Minneapolis area — or even individual neighborhoods! Before you ask how much your home is worth, learn about the real estate market in your area to understand the "why" behind your home's valuation. You and your agent will then be able to determine the current market value of your home, and what you can do to increase your home's value.

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Step 4: Prepare Your Home to Sell

As you are determining the value of your home, start the process of cleaning, decluttering, and making improvements to your home. You can easily take on this seemingly overwhelming project by concentrating on one room at a time. While you are cleaning and decluttering, start packing belongings you plan to take with you and donate or discard any items you don't want to take to your next home. This will make the days leading up to your move much easier. Follow these home staging tips to get started.

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Step 5: Market Your Home's Listing 

In days past, homeowners could stick a "For Sale" sign in the yard and almost instantly attract a buyer. Now, homeowners must rely on a real estate professional's extensive marketing plan to sell their home. Once you list your home with David Azbill Group, our team uses aggressive marketing techniques, up-to-date technology, and a strong support staff to put your listing in front of as many interested buyers as possible. The result is a quicker and more profitable home sale.

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Step 6: Negotiate a Fair Price

When a buyer makes an offer on your home, you need to work with your real estate agent to determine a reasonable offering price. You’ll want to choose a number that won't cause you to lose your hard-earned equity, but also won’t cause the buyer to immediately reject your offer and choose another home.

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Step 7: Get Ready to Close

After the buyer accepts your offer, it's time to prepare for closing. You will need to gather and sign all the necessary paperwork, have your home appraised and inspected, allow the buyer to take a final walk-through, and be ready to pay closing costs. Your real estate agent will be able to help you with everything you need to close. After you close, you've successfully sold your home — congratulations!

Ready to Sell Your Minneapolis Home?

If you have been thinking about selling your home, let us help. We are a team of local, experienced real estate professionals who serve Minneapolis and surrounding communities. We have helped many Minneapolis homeowners sell their homes, often more than once. Contact us to learn more about selling your home, or request to list your property to get started.