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Make These Home Improvements Before You Sell

If you're planning to sell your Minneapolis home soon, you're likely looking to maximize your investment. While you may think spending thousands of dollars to upgrade your kitchen is the best way to increase your home's value, that's not always the case. In fact, even making the smallest home improvements can have a major impact on the sales price.

Ultimately, home buyers are going to determine what your home is worth. Increasing your home's value means impressing buyers, and to do that, you will need your property to look more like a model home than a current residence. This takes a combination of curb appeal, home staging, and decluttering. Here are a few home improvements you should make now that won't cost a fortune and will pay off the most when you sell.

home with pristine curb appeal

Improvement #1: Focus on Curb Appeal

Even though most buyers search for homes online, many buyers still drive by homes that are on the market. You want your home to look its best from all perspectives, so make sure you don't overlook landscaping.

Put down fresh mulch or sod, add a pot of flowers to your entryway, and edge the grass if you have a large yard.

bathroom sink with new fixtures

Improvement #2: Change Out Fixtures in Your Home

If you have outdated brass fixtures or mismatching finishes on your light switches, light fixtures, or bathroom faucets, consider replacing the hardware. This small home improvement will make your home look much more contemporary.

paint colors for a wall

Improvement #3: Paint the Walls a Neutral Color

Neutral colors, like beige or grey, appeal to all buyers' tastes in home decor, allowing more buyers to picture themselves living in your home. A fresh coat of paint surprisingly makes a huge difference in the appearance of the room, as well.

clean carpet in bedroom

Improvement #4: Replace or Deep Clean Your Carpets

If you have carpeting in your home, make sure that it looks like new. If it's worn or stained, consider replacing it. This small investment is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

neutral home decor

Improvement #5: Depersonalize Your Living Spaces

Remember, buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in your home. Put any personal photos, heirlooms, and pet toys out of sight, otherwise buyers will feel like they're visitors rather than future owners of your home.

house with exterior siding

Improvement #6: Replace Siding, If Necessary

If your home has siding that has been damaged in a storm or looks worn, replace it before you decide to sell your home. Brand new siding will freshen up the entire exterior of your home, making it look like new.

updated kitchen

Improvement #7: Keep Up with the Joneses

Do all of your neighbors have top-of-the-line appliances, quartz countertops, and custom cabinets in their kitchens? Or do they have more outdated fixtures and features? Before you spend thousands of dollars on a major renovation, research what buyers are actually looking for in a home in your neighborhood. Ask us for your Minneapolis Neighborhood Sold Report and we'll help you determine whether you need to make major upgrades.

Let Us Help You Sell for Top Dollar

Ready to see how much your home is worth? Ask for your complimentary home evaluation to determine the current value for your home. Once you've made these home improvements, priced your home, and followed our staging tips, the next step in the home selling process is to list your home with us. We'll create an aggressive marketing plan, broadcast your home to Minneapolis buyers, and negotiate the highest price possible for your home. Contact us to get started.